5 Ways to Cultivate Great Conversations

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Have you ever walked away from an interaction with another person and felt like that was the best conversation you’ve had in a very long time? Chances are it’s because the other person listened, contributed, and helped you feel that your opinion, your comments and your perspectives mattered. 

What if every conversation could be like that?

They could. Humans tend to mirror the person they are speaking with. Ask someone what they do for a living and chances are they will ask the same question back to you. If you ask someone about their hobbies, chances are they will ask the same question back to you. 

The same goes with body language and attentiveness. If you exude great listening skills, maintain good eye contact, and keep your shoulders squared to the person, there is a good chance they will start to pay more attention to the conversation as well and mirror your actions. 

Engagement is key. If you want to be memorable, don’t just talk about the weather. Ask people about themselves and engage to find a commonality and enjoy 5-7 minutes of interesting conversation

Here are 5 ways to Cultivate Great Conversations:

1. Ask “How Do You Recharge?” People love to share their tips for how they unwind, and we all have some. Ask what they do after the end of a long day or week? Chances are, the conversation will keep rolling from there.

2. Ask “What New Thing Are You Learning This Quarter?” It is human nature to always be learning new things. You might find yourself learning about a new hobby that might just be up your alley. Ask everyone, and when you hear of new opportunities you want to do, then ask how they got started.

3. Ask “What’s the Most Exciting Thing You Have Done in the Last Year?” This one may surprise them, but it will get their eyes to light up and for them to get very engaged in the conversation. People love to talk about the crazy things they have done.

4. “What’s Your Favorite Activity Outside of the Workplace?” This again gets people to talk about what they love. The time will fly by, and they will leave feeling like it was a great conversation. 

5. Show Curiosity and interest. Engage further in what they are saying and what is important to them. Don’t be afraid in return to show them what is important to you as that is how you show commonality.

Remember, when interacting with someone, the more you exchange in terms of knowledge and interest, and the more engagement you achieve, the better the conversation and the more long-lasting the memories.

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