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Building a Culture of Gratitude in Your Company

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Recently, my team and I celebrated the Second Anniversary of Upleveling Your Business. This is something that we spent several weeks planning, and we had a blast. At the center of it all was a feeling of gratitude.

As excited as I am at the goals we have reached this year, I realize every day that I did not get here on my own. My team, my clients, and the many people who have supported me are such an important part of my own journey as a business owner, and I love to show them my thanks in different ways.

One of the best ways for me to do this is by sending out physical gifts and cards to show my appreciation, celebrate wins, and show sympathy when life takes a turn. These can be extravagant, but they don’t have to be – even just finding a card in your mailbox or receiving a delivery of flowers can do a lot to brighten your day.

Let’s face it – when a company takes the time to send you something they think you’ll love, it makes a difference. And when they celebrate your wins – or invite you to join in their celebration – it makes you feel like part of the family!

As a busy business owner however, you just don’t have time to spend hours picking out appropriate gifts for everyone. There is only so much of you to go around, and your time needs to be focused elsewhere. Here are some of my favorite strategies for showing thanks and keeping my schedule intact!

Enlist Your Client Happiness Coordinator

One of the responsibilities of your Client Happiness Coordinator is to keep track of each client’s journey and send gifts such as welcome boxes, milestone congratulations, and thank you or celebratory gifts.

Your CHC can go a step or two further, however: they can connect with your clients online and keep track of big events in their lives. Whenever one of our clients has a baby, hits a big win in their business, or finds the freedom to go on vacation (knowing their systems are in place and their staff can keep things running smoothly), we send a curated gift to celebrate!

In the same way, when any of our clients endure a difficult time or personal tragedy, we send a condolence gift and personalized card to let them know that we are thinking of them and want to support them in any way we can.

With the proper systems in place – and a rockstar Client Happiness Coordinator – all of this can run smoothly. No more worrying that any gifts or wins will fall through the cracks!


When we need to send out an individual, customized gift or card, SendOutCards is our service of choice. This company has a huge variety of gifts ranging from delectable fudge or brownies to card enclosures, custom books, children’s gifts (to welcome little ones) and gift baskets.

They also allow us to quickly send out handwritten, customized cards for any occasion. Rather than having to go down to the store, search through the cards, find one that fits, write your message, and run it over to the post office, you can choose from a wide selection – or even design your own! With a few clicks, your custom card will be in the mail.

As a virtual company with an international team and clients across the country, this service is especially important to us. As soon as my Client Happiness Coordinator learns about a need, she can get online, find the perfect gift, and schedule it to ship within minutes, even though she and I live in different states.

Using a Fulfillment House

I also love to show gratitude by sending welcome boxes to all of our new clients and curated, branded gift boxes throughout the year. Whenever a new client enrolls with Upleveling Your Business, we send a welcome box full of branded items to help them drive their business forward. For our 2nd Anniversary celebration, we sent out 100 curated boxes full of fun branded items and local goodies to thank our team and clients for their support!

When I first started out, my team and I handled putting these together and mailing them out; as we grew, however, this became an overwhelming task. This is when I decided to partner with a rockstar Fulfillment House.

Our Fulfillment House saves us so much time. My Client Happiness Coordinator will connect with them, let them know what we’re looking for and our rep will put together several options. My CHC presents them to me, we decide, and the order is finalized. The Fulfillment House takes care of everything else!

This option allows me and my team to curate amazing gift boxes without having to spend dozens of hours (literally, dozens) putting them together and shipping them out. In turn, this allows us to focus that time working with our clients and driving the business forward!

By the way – if you’re interested in learning more about what a Fulfillment House does and how to work effectively with one to wow your clients, register for my free webinar on August 12th – and bring your Admin and Marketing Team along for the training!

In the end, it all comes down to a commitment of showing gratitude. None of us can build a thriving business all by ourselves; our teams, our clients, and our loyal supporters all come together to help us build our dreams. Be intentional about showing your gratitude at every step of the way!

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