How to Reset Your Routine and Goals for Fall

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Fall is a great time to reset. Rather than muddle through the last part of the year, supercharge your routine. Here are some ways you can SUPERCHARGE YOU so you can begin to THRIVE.  

For each of these, commit to getting started and as you find yourself getting off-target gently bring yourself back to where you need to be. Don’t berate yourself; life happens. Instead, MAKE THE CHOICE to get back on track.  

#1: Prepare in October YOUR End of the Year Celebrations of Goals!

(Invest 10 min upfront; then 5 min a week).

Start with the end in mind. Think about how great it will be to have accomplished specific goals and plan out the celebration so you can look forward to it. Perhaps you have an aim of saving up $50 a week for holiday shopping. Pick the date of your shopping spree and be sure to include a note on how you will celebrate when you hit your goal.

Step 1:  Map out your top 5 goals to achieve by the end of the year. 

Step 2:  Identify the celebration you will hold for each. 

Step 3:  Once a week, review your list to stay motivated and if you get off track up the ante!  

#2: Plan Your Work Around the Holiday Season Oct-Dec.  

(Invest 10 min upfront; then 5 min a week).

Holidays are plentiful in the last part of the year, and critical projects and productivity often get postponed as a result. Be in front of these obstacles by being aware of the main holidays you and those around you celebrate and how you may need to move up some of your to-do tasks to get things done in advance of the holiday week. Planning is your key to success and getting more done with less frustration. Hint: don’t just get caught up with main American Holidays such as Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Also be aware of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, etc.

Step 1:  Make a quick list of all the holidays that you celebrate. 

Step 2:  Make a quick list of all the holidays that those around you celebrate (friends, clients, co-workers, clients). 

Step 3:  Think about key projects you want to accomplish in the coming months. 

Step 4:  Grab a calendar and map out some project deadlines and where necessary move up the due dates or milestone dates to ensure it gets completed before the holiday. 

Step 5:  Once a week, review your list and adapt deadlines as necessary.  

#3: Practice “Thriving in the Moment”  

(Invest 10 min upfront; then 7 min a week)

Life is a journey, and we often get so caught up in what happened in the past or focused on what might happen in the future, we forget to enjoy today and glean all we can from it. Like squeezing juice from a lemon, retrain your brain to squeeze vibrancy out of each day of your life (i.e. splash in a puddle, kick the fall leaves, appreciate the wind on your face).

Step 1:  Take 10 min and write out all the things that make you happy. The fun hobbies, the enjoyable moments that have sparked happiness, and the best memories that fill your heart. Family, occupation, recreation, and spreading a particular message are all areas that can help you thrive.  

Step 2:  Make a list of several ways you can make sure that you get to do some of those great things each day. Hint: take walking shoes to work to walk during lunch, put that book you’ve meant to read on top of the remote, etc.

Step 3:  Each day, be aware of how you are choosing your time and spend at least 1-minute reflecting on the goodness that happened in the day. Feel blessed for all that comes up and appreciate each amazing part of your day.  

As Brian Tracy wrote, “Eat that Frog!” Cut up your frog, your tasks you least want to handle, and set tasks in small bite-size chunks and celebrate each small step forward.  

Reset for Fall and Thrive! 

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