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There is an enormous value to your business when you travel. It not only gives you a chance to breathe and relax, but to also see things from a different perspective. I recently got to spend a delightful weekend in the Burgundy Wine Region of France and was able to fully enjoy the culture, the friendly people and the great wines. It was a great reminder of how important it is to, “get away”, and how doing so can help you grow your business! Here are some ways traveling can help your business:   

  • Allow Your Team to Step Up:  Being away is also a great opportunity to allow your team to step up and showcase their skills. You hired good people, give them a chance to shine. When you return, ask for updates and while not everyone will do it the way you would have done, chances are they still got it done. Celebrate that and give lots of positive feedback so your team feels good about the experience. You can also find out what didn’t work and use that as an opportunity to improve your business!
  • Hone Your Skill of Planning:  The planning for a trip can be a good exercise in building out a realistic balance between all the things you want to do and all the things that you may or may not have time to do. This means paying attention to travel time and how exhausted you will be after going through multiple time zones.
  • New Perspectives:  Traveling also allows you to slow down and see the world through another set of eyes. Especially when traveling abroad, but also in your own country, you will start to see new perspectives if you take a moment and consider how the locals view their area. Their customs, their practices, their mannerisms. For instance, in Italy and Spain, they close down in the afternoon and take a siesta. In France, the workday doesn’t usually start until about 9 or 10am and then they typically take a 2-hour lunch with the workday ending around 7 pm.
  • Fresh Ideas:  As you travel and see how others work, play and enjoy life, it often inspires you to want to change the way you do things. To build a better version of YOU. This is a good thing. It is natural human behavior to want to improve and make things better. Implement new ideas when you return home and uplevel your own life along the journey.
  • Personal chill time.  Put your phone and electronics away and enjoy the moment.This is your chance to recharge your battery. Look around and be grateful for the amazing experience.

Make it a goal to travel several times a year. Pull out a calendar today and start mapping out some excursions for the next 12 months. Life is a journey and travel gives us an amazing gift to help us Thrive in the Moment! 

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