Tune Up Your Business Annually with These 10 Tips

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As business owners, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day grind, but there are things in your business that once a year YOU NEED TO TUNE UP!  

Do you know what they are? More importantly, do you actually take the time to refresh them and make sure they are still working for you?  

September 25th is National Tune Up Day. While it was created to remind people to tune up their heating systems, I think it is a great reminder to TUNE UP YOUR BUSINESS!  

So in honor of this day, we are going to help business owners tune up their business by showcasing 10 things you can do to freshen up and make sure your business is running at optimal performance through the 4 pillars of successful business management. 

  1. Marketing/Sales Pillar: 
    • Be Intentional in Your Networking: Don’t just think about quick introductions and talking to someone a single time. Think of networking as opportunity to meet new people and CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS. This means follow-up with the person multiple times after you have met them and look for ways to contribute and make their life better.
    • Freshen up your Blog/Newsletter: Content writer, Adam Kosloff, suggests using some topics that you are passionate about, even if a bit personal. Your audience wants to get to know you. You can also admit weaknesses at times to grab attention, but do so in a way that shows your weaknesses as non-damaging admissions. Often just sitting down and brainstorming deeply with a good content writer can yield tons of new fresh ideas to kick start your blog or newsletter.   

    • Increase your Conversion Rate of Sales:  A key to increasing your conversion rate for sales is to LISTEN to what the customer/client/patient is really saying.  What do they want? Are you resonating with their needs? 

  2. Management Pillar: 
    • Update Your Insurance Coverage:  It is easy to leave this one on the back burner, but as you grow a successful business you need to make sure your coverage is adequate! During growth times it is easy to forget to INCREASE YOUR COVERAGE. 

    • Equipment and Software: Are you making the most to leverage your equipment and software? Is your team fully utilizing the tools you give them? At least once a year, do some INTERNAL TRAININGS to make sure everyone knows how to fully utilize the products so they can be more productive.

    • Freshen up your Office: When is the last time you did something to improve your work environment? From hanging a few pictures or inspiring quotes to having a fresh bouquet of flowers every week, do something to CREATE an INSPIRING PLACE to work.  No office? Fine, get a new skin with a favorite quote or image to go on your laptop or phone. 

  3. Financial Controls Pillar:           
    • Update your Budget: Yes, that’s right, dust off that pencil and sit down and work on a budget BASED ON YOUR GROWTH GOALS. Set your goals for the quarter and use benchmarking to see where your money is going.

    • Work Better with Your Bookkeeper:  Have a sit down with your bookkeeper and find ways to get more done in less time. For instance, have a set day and time for your bookkeeper to provide you (in a shared folder and named properly) with key financial reports. Then have a set time to go over questions and touch base so you can be a GOOD MONEY MANAGER.  

  4. Planning Pillar:   
    • Build Your Plan for Success: What does your short term 2-5 quarters look like? What do you need to accomplish to hit your goals? MAP IT OUT!!  Spend just an hour with a coach or someone invested in your future and build that roadmap.  Everything feels better when you see the steps laid out for how to build the business you dream of owning.

    • Accountability: Take a few minutes and ask yourself, WHO is holding you accountable to your goals? Every year you should freshen up the different voices to not just get some new perspectives but also to make sure you don’t get too comfortable.  

So, take a little time and freshen up your business so you can rejuvenate your business.  

Want to deep down and hear an in-depth action plan on each of the above to tune up your business? Join us for a special Livestream Workshop on September 25th at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST.  

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