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Do You Want to Send Someone to Us?

Thank you so much for trusting us to take care of someone you know.

Please click the button below to fill out a brief form, so we can take good care of the person you are sending over.

In addition, and as a token of our appreciation, we want to send you a special little thank you packet of some materials that we think you might useful for your own business.

Even if you have already let them know about us, we always love email introductions, so we have a great handoff and are positioned to help them move forward.

Please use the copy below to introduce them to us.

Here is some example copy to facilitate a great introduction!

  • Paragraph 1:  _________, please allow me to introduce you to Kristen David, she is a Rockstar business owner who I have worked with for several year. Kristen helps business owners get control of their business and build it into a thriving profitable business run with systems. 
  • Paragraph 2:  Sentence 1 should introduce the other person and how you know them.  Then explain how you think they could mutually benefit one another.  (Kristen, please allow me to introduce you to Jane Adams, she is an amazing designer and branding expert whom I have known just a short time but who has made all the difference in the world for another business owner I work with.  Kristen, could you do a call with _______ and see if you can help move forward?)

Do You Want to Work with Us?

You likely got here because someone you know and trust wants you to get help building your business and sent you to our private VIP Referral Page.

As a VIP Referral, you will get an additional 15 minutes of laser coaching in our VIP Referral Strategy Session. In this call, we will help you gain clarity by drilling down into on what you really want to build. We will flesh out what is working and what is not working so we can help you get on the right path to achieve your goals.

We are here to help so you can make an informed choice. Along the way, we will also share helpful nuggets so you have an action plan for what you can start doing today.

If you prefer, click here to email us with your information and we will respond to get you scheduled as quickly as we can. If you are emailing, please introduce yourself and please let us know what is working in your business and what is not working in your business. This way we can jump right in and help with some laser coaching and actionable steps as well as see if one of our programs would be the right fit for you!

** Don’t miss out on this special VIP Laser Coaching… you are getting this because someone you know wants you to start moving forward with your business!