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Effective Sales Conversation Strategies

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Your funnel is bringing in leads, which is amazing. You have people inquiring about your services and wanting to talk with you, which is even better!

The only problem is, you feel a bit awkward going into the sales conversation. You know that you can provide amazing service, but selling your services can be a challenge. You don’t want to come across as “salesy,” but you also don’t want to be too direct or too vague.

When it comes to a sales conversation, the old adage really does ring true: you only get one chance to make a great first impression. In this conversation, you need to build rapport, learn about your prospect’s needs, and cement their confidence about working with you. This is often easier said than done!

There is a way to make your sales conversations run smoothly, though – and to increase your conversion rates. Read on to find out some of my favorite strategies!

Set Your Agenda

You don’t need to format a formal agenda – this isn’t a board meeting! – but you should have a basic agenda to keep yourself on track. This will give you the structure and confidence to set the tone for the conversation. It will also give you a framework to follow so you can redirect easily if things go off track!

Setting an agenda also has another benefit. When you are able to communicate clear expectations, you level the playing field. When your prospect knows what to expect – and can tell from the start that you are prepared – they will be far more likely to follow your lead.

This process also preframes the conversation for conversion, which helps to set the stage for conversion. It’s amazing how important this step is!

What Does Your Prospect Need?

This might seem like an odd question; after all, why would your prospect contact you if they are looking for something other than what you offer?

Performing a needs assessment goes deeper than that, though. What do they see their needs to be? What are their perceived pain points, and what might they not have thought of yet?

This step will help you dig deeper into what your prospect is truly looking for – and it will help you lead them through the sales conversation. Ask leading questions that help your prospect answer with specific information (rather than questions that can be answered with a nod or a couple of words).

While they answer, practice active listening. Take mental notes of the wording they use, their expression and body language as they talk, and anything else that may catch your attention. This information will help you better explain your services in a way that will resonate with them!

Help Your Prospect Take Action

Setting an agenda, building rapport, and discovering your prospect’s needs are all essential parts of the sales conversation, but building a great relationship won’t matter if you don’t help them take action!

After all, that is the point of the sales conversation – to find out if you and your prospect are a good fit to work together and then to help them take action and hire you.

There are a few different steps in this part of the process. First, it is important to help your prospect understand how your company can best help them. This is partly drawn from your active listening during the needs analysis, but it also comes from a perspective of helping them walk through their next steps. In turn, this will tap into their desire to move forward.

In addition, unless your prospect is attached to one particular pricing and service option, it is often a good idea to create more than one option for working with you. This is a great way to give them the options they may be looking for, but it is also a terrific way to help close the sale. By doing this, you can help them transition from a mental question of, “Should I work with you?” to “Should I hire you for option 1 or option 2?”

By implementing these strategies, you can see your sales conversations become much easier to hold – and you will likely find your conversion rates increase! If you would like to learn more about how to build out your sales process and system, I recommend you check out our Sales Systems Manual – it’s a full course with all of the training and resources you need, including a full, editable Policies and Procedures Manual that you can easily implement!

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