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Getting the Rest You Need as a Business Owner

Many business owners have one thing in common: a dominant, competitive personality. This is what equips us to push toward growth and success, to make strong decisions and effectively deal with the challenges that come up. We also tend to have another thing in common: we naturally push too hard, choosing to focus on our …

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Reframing Your Outlook So You Can Thrive

Let me guess: your schedule is busy. Back to back calls, appointments, and time blocks designed to help you get it all done. Stacks of files and emails that need your review. Marketing campaigns that don’t go quite the way you were hoping (or bomb completely). Oh, and unexpected “Do you have a minute?” conversations …

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Thankful for Small Businesses!

When you open up your newsfeed, what do you see? Chances are, you will find news stories popping up about high-profile CEOs and trending stories about large companies. It sometimes seems like those companies are the only ones that matter, but that is simply not true. In fact, small businesses make up the backbone – …

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