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Getting the Rest You Need as a Business Owner

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Many business owners have one thing in common: a dominant, competitive personality. This is what equips us to push toward growth and success, to make strong decisions and effectively deal with the challenges that come up.

We also tend to have another thing in common: we naturally push too hard, choosing to focus on our businesses rather than getting the rest we need to thrive.

One thing that we rarely stop to think about is that there are several different types of rest that our minds and bodies need in order to function to the best of our ability. Finding this balance is essential, especially for high-performing business owners.

Following are some of my favorite strategies for fitting rest time in without sacrificing your goals!

Physical and Mental Rest

Taking physical and mental downtime is vital, but it can slip further and further down you to-do list easily. Letting this happen can take a toll on your ability to lead and your ability to enjoy your life.

Something that I’ve found helpful is to calendar time away from my business. This might include trying a new recipe while enjoying a glass of wine or taking an afternoon to paint on my patio. (I have an amazing view of downtown Seattle and the waterfront!)

I’ve noticed, however, that just taking physical time away isn’t enough. If I am spending the entire time worrying about a project or wondering if something was completed, I’m not able to rest and recharge. This is where systems come in!

This is part of the reason my team and I help business owners create and implement the systems they need. Of course I want each of my clients to grow a profitable business, but even more than that, I want to help them build a business that allows them to live the life they want to live.

Take a moment to consider: what would you love to be able to do? If you could have an afternoon, a day, a week, a month off to rest and do something you enjoy – without worrying about your business, what would it be?

This is what systems can help you do – and if you would like some help building them, my team and I are here for you!

Sensory and Creative Rest

Do you ever want some time away from meetings, calls, and everything else on your schedule? Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting with my team and clients, and I love seeing my business move forward, but sometimes I just need a break.

I need some time away.

When I need this time, I retreat to nature. I walk through the woods or go flyfishing in a peaceful creek. Nature is where I find clarity and rest – and when I come back, I’m recharged and ready to go!

If I can’t get away from the city, I find time to do something creative. During my evenings or weekends, I enjoy knitting, painting, cooking, and tending to my plants. These simple creative outlets are just the thing to give me a boost!

I want to encourage you to make time to get away for a bit and indulge in your favorite creative outlets. It might seem counterproductive to take time away when you’re already so busy, but believe me – the balance it brings will help you to be more productive and be a better leader!

The Results of Rest

I have a very dominant, Type A personality. I set big goals and push hard to reach them – and my team works right beside me to do the same. There’s another side to this, though: work hard, play hard.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize how vital rest and balance are to growing my business and crushing those goals. I am still as driven as ever, but I’m committed to getting the rest I need – and I’m committed to giving my team opportunities to find rest and balance in their lives!

I not only schedule in time for my own time away, I also encourage each of my team members to take vacation days each quarter. We put strong systems in place, plan ahead for their absence, and work as a team to cover each other.

As a result, my team tends to collaborate and support each other – and my clients get amazing service from professionals who enjoy their jobs!

This is what systems allow us to do. If you’re ready to build strong systems in your business, my team and I are here to help!

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