Freedom from the Hamster Wheel – A Business Owner’s Guide to go from Chaos to Thriving

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Ever have days when running your business makes you feel like you are running on a hamster wheel going nowhere? And other days you feel stuck in the mud? Yes?  

Well, I’ve been there too.  

It sucks. It sucks to work non-stop, feeling as if you are barely making a dent, barely moving forward. Wondering why you work so hard when you are barely keeping your head above water. The good news is, that is not the life you have to continue living. I’m passionate about sharing these techniques because I used to be there. Working 80 hours a week, missing events with friends and family because “I have to work”, missing out on the beauty of life because I felt I was chained to my desk at work.  

The good news is that there is a way to regain your sanity and learn to enjoy life again. 

In a nutshell, here is the process.  

Learn the Foundations -> Find Your Balance -> Execute Systems to Find Your Freedom

  • Learn the Foundations for Running a Successful, STABLE Business. (Don’t worry this doesn’t take that long to learn when you have someone helping you!) 
  • Find Your Balance (Okay, I won’t lie, this takes a bit of work.)   
  • Execute Systems to Find Your Freedom (This also takes work, but as you grow, your team can help!)

To build a thriving, profitable business you have to get out of the day-to-day grind of little tasks and start focusing on what matters.  So what matters? We boil it down to the 4 Pillars to Successful Business Management: Marketing/Sales, Management, Financials, and Planning. Each of these categories seems a bit daunting but hey, everything that is new and unknown seems a bit daunting until we learn how to do it and reach the comfort level of knowing how it works. That is what I have learned about running a business. It’s hard when you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’! But what I have found is that it is much smoother running a business when you understand how it all works. Even before it is all running smoothly, when you understand the mechanics of how it all comes together YOU reach a calmer place knowing what needs to be done rather than the fear of uncertainty. 

My why in life is to help make other people’s lives better. This is why creating Upleveling Your Business has been so rewarding. To put the tools in place for other business owners to quickly and efficiently learn how to build a thriving, profitable business. We all know business owners who need help in running their business, but they often believe they are too busy to fully immerse themselves into learning a better way. Which is why our mission is to provide access to courses and resources so business owners can start making improvements immediately! 

Life doesn’t have to be a constant sprint on a hamster wheel. 

All it takes is a decision to start learning.

In the next post, we will dive into Part 1: Learning the Foundations!

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