How to Fail Your Way to Success for Massive Growth

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We’ve all been there. Started a project only to find a roadblock pop-up. That sense of failure often pervades our thoughts. When we are healthy, and in sound mind, anything is possible. We can brush off those negative thoughts and keep moving forward. But when we are tired, exhausted or sick, things seem so much harder, and it sometimes makes you question whether you should bother to continue.

The most successful entrepreneurs know a “failure” is just one more indicator that you are a step closer to success. This is because, very rarely, does someone hit their target pinnacle without some mishaps along the way.

“Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed.” – Robert Kiyosaki

A mantra I have followed for years is, “fail your way to success.” This is because there is a lot of good that comes from each of the small failures. Each time something doesn’t work out, this gives you a chance to hone your skill and make it better. It’s a chance to pivot and make some course corrections.


As Nike has taught millions, “Just Do It.” You won’t make that quantum leap in life or business unless you go for it!

The first step is often the hardest.

Outline a mini-plan and get started. The faster you start, the sooner a potential failure can arise, which in turn will direct you along the path to finding the next step. 


Failure forces you to look at what you did, what went wrong and triage what needs to change. Many external factors may push and pull at your time and your energy. Stay focused on what matters. 

Resilience is the act of getting up when knocked down. This is key to failing your way to success.


In anything in life, we should appreciate the opportunity to make it even better. In business, this rings even more true.  

Life is a journey. Each experience teaches us something about ourselves and allows us to hone our skill and our adventure. 

“Failure is success in progress.” ― Albert Einstein

So while it may sound counter-intuitive to “fail your way to success”, consider it more of a mindset shift to jump on that new project or next step, and be okay with the fact that it may not work perfectly on the first attempt. 

Cheers to Failing Your Way to Success! 

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