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Setting the Example for Your Team

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Several years ago, I owned a busy law firm. We had plenty of clients coming in, my team stayed busy, and I worked the 80+ hour weeks that TV shows make us think are normal for attorneys. (Spoiler alert: they shouldn’t be!)

I knew there had to be a better way; when I discovered the power of systems, I learned how to balance my time and help my team be more productive, making my business more profitable.

This shift not only helped me double my business and double again, it also proved to be the catalyst for creating Upleveling Your Business. My team and I are passionate about helping busy business owners grow profitable businesses that allow them to thrive!

The primary way we help our clients do this is by equipping them to create and implement the systems their businesses need. There’s another side to the equation, though: choosing to use your freed up time in a way that offers you more happiness, less stress, and improved wellness.

Many business owners have dominant, competitive personalities; when we have a goal, we like to keep on pushing. Unfortunately, this is the example we tend to set for our team: to keep pushing instead of choosing to thrive. This ultimately leads to overwhelm, burnout, and churn.

If this sounds familiar, no judgment zone! Believe me, I’ve been there. But as a CEO, I have chosen to take a different route. I want to invite you to do the same!

Choosing to Thrive

A large part of building my business includes building the systems that will serve my clients, help my team do the jobs they love to do, and drive my business forward without working myself into the ground.

In addition to teaching my clients to do this, I’m intentional about involving my team in building our systems. Every month, each member of my team is responsible for submitting 3-5 Policy and Procedure changes or edits for me to consider. My EA, my Admin, and I meet monthly to review these proposals, make any friendly edits, and approve the changes.

This process allows us to keep up with our growth and streamline our systems while giving each team member a voice in how they perform their tasks and help UYB grow.

To create the balance I’m looking for in my company, I am also intentional about developing a culture that encourages my team to thrive. I go about this in several different ways.

  • During each quarterly review, I encourage my team to start scheduling out their vacation days for the next few months – and to think about which vacation days they want to take in the upcoming quarters. When they do take those planned days off, we celebrate it as a team in our Slack channel.
  • My Client Happiness Coordinator puts together a monthly Team Builder. These events include some sort of training that’s helpful to the whole team along with something fun that helps bring our team together and encourages everyone to do something that they enjoy. (This month, we’re thinking of ways to enjoy fall!)
  • Each person on my team has a hobby they enjoy. Some people love crafting, others love hiking or baking, and still others love to travel. These are things we all celebrate! This might be done by sending curated gifts boxes, sharing pictures, and sharing personal wins in our team newsletter.

I want my team to know that I value not only their work, but the positive impact being on the UYB Team can have on their lives!

Setting the Example

In addition to intentionally setting a culture that allows my team to thrive, I also choose to be intentional about setting the example – both for them and for my clients.

If you scan through my social profiles, you’ll find plenty of posts that give tips about systems and business growth, but you will also find a lot of images and videos that show me doing everything from shopping for amazing seafood at Pike Place Market to enjoying a glass of wine, from jogging on trails in Seattle to listening to a concert.

When I travel, I share my adventures. When I take vacation, I celebrate with my team and thank them for being the rockstars I know they are. I know my business and my clients are in good hands, so I can actually take the time to do something I love and recharge. Allowing myself to thrive not only benefits me, but it also makes me a better leader and coach!

I want to encourage you to step away from the constant hustle and look at ways you can start making similar changes in your business. If you would like help finding ways to do this, please connect with me – my team and I are here to help!

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