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Take Back Your Freedom with Systems

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Think back to the time you first decided to become a business owner. What excited you most about the prospect? Was it the chance to chart your own path? To break through the ceiling on what you could earn? To finally have control of your schedule so you can focus on the things that really matter to you?

These are all amazing goals, and I applaud you for taking action to pursue them. Building a business isn’t something that everyone is willing to do.

I have an honest question for you, though…have you seen that freedom become a reality?

For many business owners, the answer to that question is an unfortunate “no.” Instead, they are stuck. They are swamped with administrative work, buried in the day-to-day tasks, and running to put out one fire after another. Many others are keeping their heads above water but find themselves limited by the number of clients they and their team can reasonably serve.

And the cycle just continues. Where is that freedom you wanted so badly?

Stop the Hustle

Many business owners believe that if they can just hustle a little more (or a lot more), they will finally find that elusive freedom.

This seems to make sense on the surface – after all, you got where you are through hard work, right? A little more will get you even further. But if you try to build your business on hard work alone, you will only get so far – and soon, that mindset will turn into a vicious cycle.

There’s only so much of you to go around!

After a while, that cycle can actually damage your business and become a detriment to your team. You’ll be exhausted, things will fall through the cracks, frustrations will rise, and your team will bear the brunt of it. And eventually, it will affect your clients.

Does this mean you shouldn’t work hard, or that you shouldn’t expect your team to meet your expectations? Definitely not. What it means is that hard work alone won’t do the job.

You need to work smarter.

Systems Are the Answer

We have all heard the saying, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.” While this saying doesn’t give you permission to slack off, there is a lot of truth to it.

The fact is, there is only so much that you and your team can do on your own. In order to scale, you have to be able to increase your efficiency – to take unnecessary tasks out of the equation.

This is where systems come in!

Systems are the foundation of almost everything that happens in a successful business. They offer you and your team a way to automate tasks, delegate effectively, and hand off parts of a process with ease. They also offer ways to mitigate human error, which is something that can happen to the best of teams. In addition, they give you a way to clear the bottlenecks that tend to slow everyone down.

Creating and implementing systems offers you more than this, though.

They offer you the freedom to scale, knowing that your team can handle a new influx of clients – and knowing that as you grow, you’ll be able to strategically add new team members. Systems offer you the chance to be able to take time away from the office, knowing that your team can keep things running smoothly.

Imagine being able to take the summer off to spend time with family, checking in periodically with your team? (I have a client who’s doing that right now, thanks to their systems!) Or being able to travel and work from just about anywhere in the world? (This is what I’m able to do when Covid travel restrictions aren’t in place!)

Taking Back Your Freedom

Remember the things that used to excite you about being a business owner? They really are achievable with the right systems – and while systems aren’t difficult to build, they do take intention and planning.

This is where many business owners hit a roadblock. I get it! You already have a lot going on and adding one more thing to the pile might feel overwhelming. I have good news, though – you don’t have to do it all yourself!

Something that I strongly encourage my clients to do is not to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Instead, start with a proven framework that includes almost everything you need and make tweaks wherever you need to. (My team and I have created systems and staffing packages to help you do this in a fraction of the time!)

Additionally, you don’t have to be the one to create and implement your systems! You have a team to help you – utilize them! Delegating this process to your team will not only free up your time, it will also go a long way toward getting them on board. They’re much more likely to implement something they helped build!

Building your systems will take a bit of planning and work, but the results – the freedom and scalability – are more than worth it. If my team and I can help you through the process, just let me know!

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