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The Importance of Implementation

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Shiny Object Syndrome is something that affects a lot of business owners. It seems like every few hours, something new comes along – and with it, come promises that will solve all your problems, make you profitable, and bring you one step closer to…well, to whatever it is you want at the moment.

There’s just one problem with these shiny objects…they usually don’t come with any sort of implementation plan. It doesn’t matter how wonderful that new and shiny program is – if you don’t implement it, it won’t do you any good.

As a business coach, I talk with busy business owners almost every day. One struggle that I hear about often is that of implementation – of putting what they learn or purchase into action and getting their team on board. If this sounds familiar, you’ll find no judgment here; you will, however, find the support you need to get past it.

At Upleveling Your Business, my team and I are committed to helping you build a business with systems – a business that allows you, as the owner, to thrive. (After all, you didn’t start your business so it could be your only focus!) If you are looking for ways to finally get your projects built and implemented, read on!

Prioritize Your Systems Build

Chances are, you have multiple systems you would like to build out. It’s tempting to try to build several of them at once and get them out of the way, but this simply doesn’t work in most cases.

Instead, decide on one or two systems that need to be built out first. What will help you reach your quarterly goals? What will help your team work more productively and profitably?

This will look different for every business owner; it depends on where you are and how quickly you want to grow.

Once you decide on the system you want to build, it’s time to put the next step of your planning in place.

Set a Framework in Place

Having an implementation framework in place is important for the completion of any project – but when it comes to creating and implementing your systems, it’s essential. Unfortunately, many programs don’t include this structure. Instead, they somehow expect you to simply come up with it yourself.

This is why I create all of my systems and staffing packages with implementation in mind. I know how busy you are (I’m there too!) – and I want you to be able to use and find incredible value from all of our packages and services.

But what about all of the unfinished projects that have been cluttering up your to-do list? How do you get those moving again?

This is where a planning session with your coach and a strong project management software will come in handy. With some outside accountability and clear, calendared deadlines in place, you can finally get these projects completed.

Get Your Team on Board

“Systems run your business, people run your systems.” – Michael Gerber

Without the proper systems in place, your team won’t be able to be as productive as they want to be. If you try to build systems without getting your team on board, you’ll have the systems in place, but nobody will be using them.

This doesn’t do you any good.

Each business has its own team dynamic, so this will look a bit different in each company. However, many business owners find that getting their team involved in building the system itself works well. When your team understands the need for the system and has a part in building it, they’re more likely to use it going forward!

This is also a great way to get new perspectives on your system build. Your team members will see aspects of the process that you may not; when you can collaborate with people who have a vested interest in your success, you will often find that the final implementation is even more profitable than you imagined!

If you would like additional strategies to help you get your systems built and finally implemented, register for our free April Webinar – you will gain the training, downloadable resources, and framework you need to build and implement a full business system in only 90 days!

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