The Journey of Writing a Book

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What once started as an idea, has now become an actual published book. The first time I saw my name on Amazon showing my book was now ready for pre-order, the moment seemed surreal. Like many authors, I started working on my book over six months ago with just a few pages. It began with only an outline of the topics I wanted to cover, and a few notations of the stories I wanted to share to help bolster the points raised in the book. Every week I worked a little, and every week it felt like there was more and more to do.

Writing an entire book takes a lot of work and a lot of hours! Give me a “heck yeah” if you’ve been there!!

It’s not just writing those first drafts. It’s the hours of editing, re-writing, and restructuring to bring it all together in a harmonious compilation.

Then comes the entertaining part. Putting together the title, the subtitle, the book description, the acknowledgements and let’s not forget the all-important cover! Yikes, that alone can take days of going back and forth with different ideas. 

Then there is the publishing and marketing plan to leverage the publication for success. For those that are planners, this is where it all feels like it is coming together. It is so rewarding to see the events mapped on a calendar. To view the scheduled activities set to occur before, during, and after each promotion. Knowing that you are taking steps to ensure every action is magnified to its fullest.

Then there is the stage of “PR your PR”.  At each milestone you take your wins and amplify them to make them bigger. You made the #1 list, Super Kudos, now let’s tell the world! It’s your job to help others know what you have accomplished. It’s not bragging. It’s not conceited. It is all about helping spread your message to those that need to hear it.

The journey of writing a book is akin to a 100-day adventure. In the writing world, 10 of those adventures can happen in a day. If you have ever set out on the journey, continue forward and if you got a little lost or took a side turn, know that you can always get back on the path as the reward at the end is incredible.

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