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Wowing Your Clients with Effective Systems

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As a business owner, one of your primary areas of focus must be making sure your clients receive amazing service. After all, building a loyal base of raving fans is vital to your growth! Wowing your clients takes more than just intention, though; this level of service only happens when your systems and policies have gotten you, your team, and your business to a place in which everything about your company is clear and easy for your clients to interface with.

When working with you is effortless, you are in a position to slam dunk “wowing” your clients with a little extra something – a gesture. This extra could be a phone call out of the blue, a card arriving in the mail, or a meaningful moment on social media. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grandiose; simply having the time and ability to focus on your client will go a long way toward making them feel special.

Clear communication. Thoughtfulness. Timing. Branding. Consistency.

Taking Details Into Account

Have you heard the phrase, “love is in the details?”

If you’re not a detail-oriented person, hire one – fast. Doing so will keep you from missing out on revenue and opportunities to serve your clients.

To offer an illustration about the essential nature of making it easy for your clients to work with you and paying attention to the details of a “wow” customer experience, I would like to give some examples from the hospitality industry. Think about popular coffee companies. Which ones come to mind?

Starbucks. Tully’s. Seattle’s Best. Black Rock Coffee. Dutch Brothers. Dunkin Donuts.

You may not be familiar with all of these coffee shops, but I would venture a bet that you know at least a couple of them. What do you experience when you read these company names?

The first thing that pops into my mind is the branding for each company. Starbucks, green and white. Tully’s, black and burnt red. Black Rock Coffee, black with a star. Dutch Brothers, cream and Dutch blue. Dunkin Donuts, orange and hot pink.

Can you see the logos in your mind? The branding isn’t just meant to create a catchy logo; it also helps to provide an anchor that helps you remember the service you receive at each.

Once the logo comes to mind, I also think of the products I purchase and enjoy from each company. I think of the experience I’m given when an employee serves me.

Consistent Client Service

Have you ever noticed how consistent your experience is at national chains? These companies have turned training to specific measurable standards into a science.

They know the power of brand consistency; without consistency within their brand, there is no customer loyalty. Think about it: people come to expect a very specific experience at each of the chains I mentioned above, and human beings as a rule dislike inconsistency.

As clients, having our expectations met – or not – makes a huge impact on how we view a company.

Have you ever noticed how similar the coffee shops above look, no matter what city they happen to be in? Every employee behaves the same way. They all wear familiar uniforms. Their product tastes the same whether you buy a cup of coffee in Washington state or Washington D.C.

If you would like to get more ideas about how to completely wow your clients, check out a book called Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business, written by a restaurant owner named Danny Meyer.

This book is a brilliant journey that repeatedly points to the power of paying attention to details, to the nuances that are possible in a client’s experience. Think back to the last excellent experience you had at a restaurant: the server timed everything just right, making the perfect addition to your evening through well-timed check-ins and deliveries.

As business owners, we can take a cue from the top 1% of waitstaff.

The Power of Systems

Although you may not work in the culinary or hospitality industries, your job is to find ways to stand apart from other companies. This is done by paying close attention to all of your details. Become an expert in creating an environment that is visually pleasing, easy to interact with, effortless.

Anticipate their questions, needs, and any confusion that may creep into the client journey. Be intentional about refining and polishing your systems and policies so that your brand is undeniable. This will allow you to step out of the crowd with a product and service that is delivered with such care, precision, and attention to detail that your competition simply can’t compete.

By doing so, you will not only set yourself apart, you will also set yourself – and your clients – up for success. Systems really do make the difference!

If you’re ready to get your systems built and implemented, check out our Find Your Freedom with Systems Sale – it’s designed to equip you with the resources you need (and the savings you want) to build a profitable, scalable business that allows you to thrive!

Megan Graves is the Client Happiness Coordinator at Upleveling Your Business. She manages our company’s customer service; the primary objective of her office is to provide clients with outstanding interactions with our company that leave them wowed. Megan has dedicated herself to creating extraordinary and enriching experiences for others since 2001. In addition to having been a change management coach to small business owners since 2016, Megan has spent over 15 years in various restaurant and hospitality settings that have taught her the nuances of how to make people feel welcomed, wowed and cared for. She’s enthusiastic and passionate about providing support where possible and is eager to connect with every single one of our clients in a variety of ways.

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