3 Vital Ways to Market Your Company to Attract Top Talent

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Attracting top talent is high on the priority list for anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of hiring the wrong person and later going through the termination process. For those that haven’t had that experience, trust me, finding the right people to join your team is crucial to building a fantastic workplace that thrives. 

When there is a tight labor market, it is even more important to position your company, so the right type of people see it as a vibrant place to work and want to jump on board. This means actively marketing your company as a place top talent would want to join. 

Here are 3 vital ways to bring the right candidates to your door.

1. Strategically Promote Your Company and Your Hiring in the Right Ways

There are several ways you can promote your company, but the first stop should always be your own team. Your employees are walking billboards. When you create a workplace that thrives on trust, hard work, productivity and respect for your team, people will talk. They know other top individuals who would be a good fit. So, tap into that network. Talk to your team and have them consider sharing the job search on their social media accounts and ask anyone interested to contact them, and they can share their experience. 

Social media is another critical place to promote your company, and when the time comes, your search for the right candidates. Remember, while your ideal audience might see the post personally, more likely someone they know will see the post, so make sure to appeal to individuals who know your perfect candidate. Post something like, “do you know a rockstar who…”, then describe your ideal candidate. Encourage others to share the post with anyone they know who fits the description. 

Another option is to promote your company and your recruiting efforts through organizations that resonate with your ideal client. If you are a “green” company, you might want to post with some eco-friendly organizations or perhaps be involved in a philanthropic project. These opportunities can place you in the middle of a significant circle of fantastic people and among them could be some great candidates. 

Finally, have a webpage for people interested in joining your team. In addition to a great description and an easy application process, let a candidate get to know you. Share your mission, your culture and an inside look at what it is like to work there. You could do that with a few photos, a video or a couple of quotes from other employees.

2. Write a Company Description to Attract Top Candidates

Let’s be honest, when people are reading about a company they are thinking, “what’s in it for me?” Knowing that, make sure you write your company description to help your ideal candidate connect how your company works for them. 

While your company likely has an external brand, think of how you can express to potential employees what you stand for and where the company is going. Some call this an “employee brand”. This is your opportunity to share your vision. You want to attract people who will resonate with your mission so they too can have a sense of purpose each day they come to work. 

Showcase how your company is unique and different than the rest. What sets you apart from the competition. Your conviction on why this is the best company out there, can speak volumes. 

Share a summary of your core values, or even better, link to the document. Express your view on work-life balance and your expectations for both employer and employee in finding that balance. 

Finally, consider providing external links or photos that validate you as a people-focused employer. Perhaps this could be in the form of images of your employees engaging in team-building activities, or donating to a charity, or some other event that engrosses your ideal candidate. 

3. Convey the Culture of Your Company So the Right Talent Wants to Join Your Team

This is your chance to seal the deal. Candidates shopping around and looking at several different, “good companies”, will often make a final decision based on where they feel they will fit in best. This is where sharing your culture is essential to bringing the top talent to your company. So, what is your culture? Are you more traditional, more innovative or “cutting edge?” Help give the ideal candidate an insight to a day in the life. 

Showcase core values related to your commitment to your employees as well as the commitments you expect the team to make to one another. Words like teamwork, dependability, respect, productive, loyal, vested, trust, honesty, integrity, top quality, excellence, innovation, passion can resonate with the right potential team members. 

Your culture should also have a heavy emphasis on ongoing learning. This is crucial to attracting top-tier individuals. It is human nature to want to grow and continue to cultivate one’s skills, so make sure you address this. Communicate how you encourage training and development opportunities to position your team for future promotion. 

Bottom line, to attract top talent, you must be intentional in marketing your company, so you stand out as a top contender. This takes work, but it can be the most rewarding work you could do as building a rockstar team can make all the difference in the world. 

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