Be Different By 2021!

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Life, if you let it, will keep you right where you currently are. Why? Because it is comfortable, easy and seems risk-free. Why? Because change takes conscious thought, action and energy. Change also seems to increase risks since most people only evaluate change by projecting over a very short time horizon.

However, we all strive naturally to learn new things. We want to learn, and as we learn, our horizon expands, and we start down the path of change. The question at the start of a new year is: how far will you stretch yourself into new areas in 2020 such that you evolve your thinking, your perspectives, your experiences and your decision making? Such that you start down the path of change – perhaps even satisfying a developing craving for change – thriving on profitable change.

So, how would you like to be different a year from now? How can you make those differences your reality a year from now?

First, to attain your maximum reach, you have to be open to grabbing hold of new opportunities, new ideas, and new ways of living and working in the world. This means trying new things that may initially seem scary or too different from your comfortable norms. It may also mean admitting you are not the best or at least recognizing others who can do things you dream of or perhaps haven’t even begun to dream of. Kick fear and doubt to the curb and be okay with trying something new. If you don’t like it or find it is the wrong path then you can always pivot and try other things. 

After all, you are in charge of what you do, what you try, and where you are going.

It’s worth repeating, don’t be afraid. The most successful entrepreneurs know you “fail your way to success”. You make decisions to go down a path, and sometimes it is the right path and sometimes it isn’t. Regardless of the outcome, be open to the journey. Remember: nobody learns to ride a horse without falling off a horse – you get up, figure out what worked or didn’t work, and get back up on that horse you want to ride.

So, make it a Goal to be DIFFERENT by 2021! This is the start of a new decade, so start it with the goal of moving forward in 2020. Build on that momentum in 2021 and continue to grow and thrive in the rest of the 2020s.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your path:

•    Take a leadership course

•    Learn a new hobby

•    Take some cooking/language/music lesson(s)

•    Hire a Coach

•    Mentor or be Mentored

•    Take time with people you work with – sometimes learning, sometimes teaching, and always collaborating

•    Work on your communication skills

•    Learn to understand new perspectives – look beyond your current horizons for new paths, new ideas, new opportunities and new ways to thrive

•    Travel and see the world through new eyes: seeking out new ways to see what’s around you, near and far, is a powerful way to break through and grow.

So, make it your number one priority to learn and grow throughout 2020 such that you will see the world at least slightly differently on January 1, 2021. This is a good thing. If you don’t grow, you will stay stuck. Make this decade your decade of growth, your decade of thriving in life and in business.

It starts now. Make plans for how you will evolve your thinking, your perspectives, and your decision making in 2020! 

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