Being the Ultimate Connector

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Have you ever wanted to be that person who can work a crowd and immediately recognize who needs introductions to other great people? The person who always has a great suggestion or solution for someone who is in a quandary?

Learn the art of being the ultimate connector and you can transform your presence.

Whether meeting someone new or running into someone you haven’t seen in a while, your goal should always be to focus on how they are doing and what is new with them. As they are talking, listen and look for opportunities to move them forward. If nothing comes up, inquire how you can help. Ask them, what is your most pressing issue? Or what do you need help with right now?  

The key is to connect them with that person or thing they need successfully. This is where the magic happens. You could simply tell them someone’s name and they may or may not remember to connect. You could give them someone’s name and contact information and again, they may or may not remember to connect. Or you can be the ultimate connector…

By taking the time to do a warm introduction whether, via a phone call or an email, you will stand out among the crowd. Don’t just do a ‘one sentence’, “introducing you to one another.” That doesn’t prep either side to this new relationship. Instead, take the time to write 1-2 sentences about each. 

Here is a quick example:

• Paragraph 1: Sentence 1 should introduce the person and how you know them.

“Jane, please allow me to introduce you to Bob Smith, he is a rockstar business owner who I have worked with for several years.”

Then explain what problem or opportunity the person has and how it connects to the other person. 

“Bob needs help with rebranding his business, and I immediately thought of you.”

• Paragraph 2: Sentence 1 should introduce the other person and how you know them.  Then explain how you think they could mutually benefit one another.

“Bob, please allow me to introduce you to Jane Adams, she is an amazing designer and branding expert whom I have known just a short time. but who has made all the difference in the world for another business owner I work with. Jane, could you do a call with Bob and help him understand the overall process and the two of you can chat and see if he is ready to move forward?”

• Be sure to have a call to action giving a clear indication of the next step you would like to see happen (a phone call, an in-person meeting, etc.).

Once you get the template down, you will find it takes no time at all! 

*  Connect

** Inquire How You Can Help

*** Make a STRONG MEMORABLE INTRODUCTION with informative and action stacked language. 

Cheers to being the Ultimate Connector!

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