How to Work from the Road Like a Pro!

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Want to explore the world while working? Want to uplevel your life and live the dream of working while traveling?   

Many may tell you it is “hard”. Many may tell you it is “impossible”. I am proof that you can uplevel your life and live the dream!! 

Here is a snapshot of what is possible.  

You look out the window… 

Today’s view: The sun is glistening off the Puget Sound. The Olympic Mountain Range stands majestic against the clear, blue sky in one direction, while Mount Rainer stands proud 180 degrees the other way. Pike Place Market lies below you. Ahh, downtown Seattle is always breathtaking.  

One week ago: The water of the River Thames, slightly up from the recent rains, flows along with white swans floating near. Hampton Court Palace looms above with its red, brick walls and multitudes of turrets up high. London has such amazing charm.  

Two weeks ago: The bright lights glitter in abundance from the street-level businesses, and the billboards throw luminescent color into your room. High rise apartments and office buildings jockey for views in all directions. The Empire State Building stands proud and tall near to your hotel. New York has such boundless energy. 

Three weeks ago: The Eiffel Tower sparkles in the distance, and you realize it must be the top of the hour. Ahh, Paris, the City of Lights.

Yes, that indeed has been my view on four consecutive Wednesdays. While it may seem a bit hectic learning to work on the road, I promise, you can still be amazingly productive.  

I have found that when you enjoy travel and you enjoy your work, the two can blend nicely with a bit of strategic planning. In essence, it is about utilizing your energy in a focused sequence. That is how I can live one-third of my time in Paris, one-third of my time in Seattle, and one-third of my time traveling.

So, how do you travel and work?

#1.  Create a Work Platform That Allows Travel. 

The easiest method is to build your own business that doesn’t need you 100% of the time. Seriously, as an owner, your greatest gift is to be the visionary and the director and create systems so others can assist you in spreading your message or building your company. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to be your own boss, create an environment such that you are not required to be physically present at your work 365 days of the year. Perhaps you have a big project that requires a lot of intense writing or computer work. Great, ask to take a laptop and work remotely. Do it a few times successfully on the local level (like working from home) and then start incorporating some travel. Illustrate increased production and benefits to the company, and you can warm even a cold boss to let you begin traveling.

#2.   Surround Yourself with a Great Team.  

Whether you work with an entire team, or have a virtual assistant, make sure you have someone you can hand off projects to and small tasks that otherwise will suck your time. Be clear on what are the best uses of your time and be diligent in offloading tasks you don’t need to do. In the beginning, it will seem tough to write out how you want things done and why (aka the policies and procedures), but that is what will create the stability to allow not just that assistant to do the task, but any other assistant should that one go elsewhere. Create a routine where you check in once a week with your team and answer questions and delegate additional tasks. 

#3.  Schedule Your Travel Around Key Anchors.

Look ahead on your calendar and plan when you need to be in certain cities or be near your team in-person. This will help you start blocking out when you can travel versus when you need to be “in the office”. Be sure to look at, not just your calendar, but the calendar for the business and any other key players on your team. This way, you don’t inadvertently schedule yourself out when they need you.  

#4.  Plan Out Your Workdays.

It is imperative to plan out your workdays when you are traveling and be very focused and productive during those work sessions. If you know you need to do filming or other tasks, make sure you have everything done in advance so that you can sit down and quickly film without wasting time jotting down notes for the first time.

#5. Plan Some Downtime.

Traveling, and working while traveling, can quickly become exhausting. It’s essential to balance in some breaks. What’s the fun of going to a beautiful new location if you never get out of the hotel or never look up from your phone? Yes, you may need to still check in once or twice during the day, but depending on time zones, try to get some work done early in the day and enjoy your afternoon exploring, or if you are working from Europe flip that routine and enjoy the morning and work in the late afternoon.

Time is what we make it. Have you ever had that client or deadline looming just 2 hours away? It is incredible how much you can get done. The same principle applies to work on the road. When you know you only have a 2-hour train ride to get something completed, it is incredible how efficient you can be.

So quit dreaming and decide right now to make the dream a reality. Seattle, London, New York City, Paris… time to uplevel your life.

Kristen David, a former trial lawyer and partner who went from working 85 hours a week and being a slave to her law firm, built it up to a million-dollar-plus business, then sold her shares and pivoted into a business coach guru. She is now an international speaker, author, and operates a successful business, empowering business owners to build thriving, profitable businesses that are self-managed with systems. 

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