New Year, New You: 3 Ways to Hone Your Skills to Stay Focused and Be More Productive

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The New Year is a time to reset and make some changes to your habits. While having specific, measurable goals are huge to getting clear on what you want and making a plan to get there, making sure you have good habits is the key to success. 

Here are three ways to hone your skills, so you stay more focused and be more productive. 

  1. Turn off all Notifications and Sounds on Electronics: We all know that there are a ton of statistics that prove that we lose our concentration when those little notifications and sounds go off. It then takes several minutes for the brain to refocus and get set back on course to what you were doing. If you want to supercharge your new year, turn off all the notifications and be intentionally focused on what you need to get done!

  2. Having a Set Time Limit: If you think something will take 60 minutes, set a timer for 30 min. If you think it will take 30 minutes, set a timer for 20 minutes. Your brain will get hyper-focused on the end-product you need to get done when you only have limited time. Think of how quickly you can clean your home when you know someone is showing up in 10 minutes! If you don’t set a time, then your work will expand and double or triple the time spent.

  3. Get Clear on Your End Result: Part of being focused is getting clear on what you need to get done and what that end-result looks like. First, start with clarity on the ultimate end product and then break it down into small bite-sized chunks. For instance, maybe you need to write an article or a blog. The various pieces that need to get done range from brainstorming ideas, hone-in on a title, writing, editing and then publishing. By breaking it down and getting clear on the mini milestones, you will feel more productive as you reach completion of each segment. So, get clear on your next steps, and with laser-precision stay focused on getting it done. 

With any new skills, it takes intentional focus to get better at something for at least 30 days to create good habits. So be deliberate and practice daily to be more focused. 

Soon your brain will become addicted to the enjoyment of completing steps, and you will feel more productive every day. 

Want to really supercharge your New Year, New You theme? 

Get an accountability partner. Someone who will check in with you and ask you how you are doing with your goal to be more focused and more productive. It is incredible how much more people stay attentive to their goals when they know someone is checking in on them! This is why people with coaches get so much more done. If you don’t have an accountability partner, plan to get one in 2020!

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