Nine Ways Systems Make Your Business Invincible

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Whether you like to sit on a beach in Mexico with a cold beverage in your hand, or enjoy a hot toddy looking out at the ski slopes in the Swiss Alps, living life to its fullest while your business operates without you is, for many, the crowning achievement of business ownership.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen with one person. Build the systems. Then find great people who align with your mission, and the outcome is incredible.

Here is what I have learned about how systems make your business invincible.

1. When every part of your business is documented, and your team knows how to do it: it all runs smoothly, without you.

2. When marketing drip emails go out consistently: you look like a rockstar with your follow-up, and people are showing interest in your company even when you are away.

3. Your automated system for sales and intake establishes your organization as tuned into your clients’ needs, all without you cranking the wheel.

4. Money always gets deposited quickly and efficiently and without problems because you’ve created the financial systems to develop a well-greased inbound money funnel.

5. Your team doesn’t miss a beat in onboarding new clients and providing them with the services and products they want and need.

6. Your team is able to be 30% more productive because they all know what they’re doing, and they like what they do and thrive.

7. You don’t have to think about when to do those quarterly reviews to ensure that each team member thrives because the management systems have it all calendared on a reoccurring basis.

8. Your financial controls are so good that your reports are dropped in your shared folder every month, and your money keeps growing.

9. You can go on vacation completely unplugged because your business runs off systems: you don’t have to constantly be connected and instead can enjoy your vacation, coming back recharged, feeling invincible and ready to lead your team to the next level.

Take the time to build the systems. It is worth it and can help you find your freedom.

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